Service #1


First time Home loan Education and Assistance, when it comes to being knowledgeable about the process, we hold your hand and assist with getting you in the home of your dreams.

We use third party Mortgage companies that partner with us to get the deal closed in a timely manner.

Service #2


Dispute and Debt Settlement

As part of our service we will dispute every derogatory item we feel is holding your score down. Once we’ve received your credit reports we will do online disputes on negative items on your behalf on the credit bureaus websites. These online disputes are designed to communicate your dispute in such a way that the credit bureaus will accept the dispute and conduct an investigation.

Service #3


Credit Enhancements

“Imagine what $100,000 in available credit and 40 years of perfect payment history would do to your score!”

Credit enhancement adds your name as an Authorized User (AU) on one of our high limit, low balance credit cards that also have a long and perfect payment history. An AU is someone that has the ability to use the account, but not make any changes to it, or the responsibility to repay any balances that might be owed. The original intent of the AU position was to give Cardholders the ability to add their children, spouses, friends or employees to their accounts so they could have access to the available credit line. A coincidental benefit occurs during this process whereby the account history for that credit card appears on the AU’s (your) credit report, and it looks like that credit card’s history has been there since the account was first opened This “appearance” gives you an immediate FICO® credit score boost

We have enhancements available starting at $500-up depending on the credit history you are looking for and the credit limit of the credit card, we have anywhere from $50,000 credit limits available down to $1000 and 1 year of history to 30 years of history available and that depends upon your age.

**Please ask for additional information if interested