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At “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC”, we believe that all business professionals should be properly educated on how to better interpret the information being reported by creditors, credit bureaus, & collection agencies, on their clients credit history; with respect being given to their clients best interest’s rather than to their businesses bottom line.

As a final word, in my youth, I was not taught the values of credit and I experienced firsthand, the results of having abused my credit; this was due much in part to my lack of education regarding how credit really works, and how to manage my finances. For our future generations to come, I ask that all parents begin teaching their children at the earliest opportunity, the values and importance of managing their credit properly, to best achieve their financial & lifestyle goals.

There is Light at the end of the Tunnel, and with the help of everyone working together; our mission will definitely be a long lived success, in yours and “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” history yet to come.

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