Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” mission is to provide unique services to consumers, and businesses that continue to educate, empower, and make a difference in the lives of our clients.

“Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” provides unique educational and consultative services based on “The Fair Credit Reporting Act “(FCRA), laws and Credit Reporting Organizations Act (CROA) guidelines, and The Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA), to consumers & businesses nationwide.

IYC stands for “Improve Your Credit”, which is our motto! Since our humble beginnings in September of 2003, operating as referral based business, we rely heavily on our reputation for excellent customer service, honesty, and integrity in our work, and my how word of mouth travels! Since then our privately held company has expanded its business from California, to servicing clients throughout the United States, & our clients have continued to share their success testimonies with everyone.

When it comes to a consumer’s credit information “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” helps to educate consumers about their rights & responsibilities based on the (FCRA),(CROA), & (FDCPA) laws & guidelines, with specific regards to the way their credit information and history is being handled, reported, and distributed by the credit bureaus , reporting agencies, & creditors. “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” also provides consultative & educational services to assist consumers with resolving their unique credit issues.

When it comes to businesses and professionals who offer services that depend on understanding & operating within current (FCRA) & (FDCPA) laws, and guidelines regarding consumer credit, “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” utilizes its unique seminar trainings and client referral services, to create an additional value for these businesses based on the products and services offered to their clients.

All too often at “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” we hear the misfortunate testimonies from clients who were ill advised by trusted, yet misinformed business professionals who were attempting to help them despite their having little to no experience in regards to resolving their unique credit issues.

At “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC”, we believe that all business professionals should be properly educated on how to better interpret the information being reported by creditors, credit bureaus, & collection agencies, on their clients credit history; with respect being given to their clients best interest’s rather than to their businesses bottom line.

As a final word, in my youth, I was not taught the values of credit and I experienced firsthand, the results of having abused my credit; this was due much in part to my lack of education regarding how credit really works, and how to manage my finances. For our future generations to come, I ask that all parents begin teaching their children at the earliest opportunity, the values and importance of managing their credit properly, to best achieve their financial & lifestyle goals.

There is Light at the end of the Tunnel, and with the help of everyone working together; our mission will definitely be a long lived success, in yours and “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” history yet to come.


Increases Your Credit Scores

As part of our service we will dispute every derogatory item we feel is holding your score down. Once we’ve received your credit reports we will do online disputes on negative items on your behalf on the credit bureaus websites. These online disputes are designed to communicate your dispute in such a way that the credit bureaus will accept the dispute and conduct an investigation.

While this may sound easy, any person who has attempted to dispute their own credit will tell you otherwise. According to federal law, the credit bureaus can ignore your dispute under a variety of conditions. In our experience, a large part of the dispute letters sent directly from consumers, are rejected for due for one reason or another.

At the conclusion of each of the credit bureau's investigation, a revised copy of the credit report will be sent to the client(s) home, with any updates, deletions or improvements showing on the new report. Client(s), will then mail “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” these reports, and will repeat this process cycle throughout their service with “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” at timed intervals.

A disputed credit listing must be accurate and verifiable for it to remain on the credit report. If the credit listings is only somewhat inaccurate, the credit bureau may simply change the item to reflect the accurate status. Very often, though, disputed credit items cannot be verified: the creditor either no longer possesses the information or does not wish to go to the trouble of verifying it. Also, the reinvestigation must be completed within 30 days or the listing must be removed. For these reasons, properly disputed credit listings are removed with remarkable frequency. Each time an investigation is commenced, the odds of receiving a particular deletion increases.

Time it, check it, and then apply

If you are about to apply for a major loan, such as a house or car, it's important to give “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” time to correct the mistakes on your credit, & give your self time to make good on any delinquent accounts. Depending on the type of loan, as our client, you should give your self enough time to consult with & notify “Eastbay Virtual Services, LLC” before you apply to determine the status of your credit situation.
Here's a guideline: For a home, you should check your credit at least three to six months before you apply for a mortgage. For an auto loan, check your credit and arrange financing with your bank or credit union before you start shopping. For credit cards, check your report before you apply. The last thing you need is for a bad credit report to slow down your application process -- particularly if it's not your fault. Once you get the report, you should make sure the following information is correct: Your name, or names if you are currently or previously married, Social Security number, Date of birth, Addresses you've resided, Places of employment, Pending accounts and accounts that have been closed. Making sure there are no accounts reflected on the reports that are over the 7 year time frame that is allowed by law: Bankruptcies and public records can remain part of your credit file from 10-15 years.